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WANTED - Classic Bikes - For Sale - WE BUYClassic Motorcycles - For Sale - WANTED - Classic Motorbikes - For Sale

We are always looking to Buy Classic Bikes similar to those listed below For Sale and in our Archive. We have Cash waiting for the right machine and are also happy to assist you with the disposal of your Classic Motorcycle on a Sale or Return basis if preferred.

They do not need to be Mint or Show condition but must be genuine honest Motorcycles. If you have a machine that you are considering selling, please give us a try for a discreet, no hassle transaction.


Please click on the Thumbnails to view larger images of the Classic Motorcycles For Sale

'HELD' Means that the machines sale is agreed but it is not yet fully paid for and/or delivered

Viewings Strictly by Appointment only please.

If you require more photos or information either:-

Telephone:- 01531 671134 or  07748 114339   or email:

Last Updated:-    9th July 2020 

Classic Bikes / Motorcycles For Sale that are Arriving into Stock Shortly

BSA Rocket Gold Star Replica;  1958 frame with a 1960 Super Rocket engine; Touring Trim; very authentic looking Replica that runs well; Dunlop Alloy Rims; Top End overhaul not long ago; electronic ignition fitted and recent new exhaust system; nice machine that has come from a good and well known to us home

Norton 850 Mk2 Commando Roadster; 1974; Metallic Red; Matching Numbers; originally US supplied but subsequently registered in Denmark and has Danish Title with it but is currently not UK registered; very smart, original looking machine that starts easily and runs very well

Velocette Venom; 1960 frame with a 1958 engine but not road registered until 1971, no idea why; older restoration but still perfectly presentable and smart albeit certainly not mint either; lots spent in recent times including engine rebuild with new big end etc; new Monobloc Carb just been fitted; machine starts easily, runs and rides very well; previously supplied by ourselves around 9 years ago


Classic Motorcycles / Bikes For Sale. 

We have predominantly Classic British Motorcycles For Sale but all types and make of Classic Bikes are catered for. Part exchanges are welcome.


Ariel Classic Motorcycles For Sale

Ariel NH350 for sale;

1954; older high quality restoration that is now showing its age in a couple of places with the odd small chip and mark but still very smart & presentable; very correct looking machine that starts easily, runs and rides extremely well; I've enjoyed a couple of very pleasant rides out on this lovely old machine; front tyre has plenty of tread but is a little perished and the charging is currently not working hence price                3,995


BSA Motorcycles For Sale

BSA A65 Thunderbolt for sale;

1971; Matching Numbers; Feature Restoration & Cover Machine in Real Classics Magazine last year, copies of the magazines are with it; it was clearly a low mileage machine imported form the US before work began; much of the work was carried out by Richard Negus (Rotary Norton fame) to his usual high standard; the engine is on Standard Bore and in extremely good condition throughout feeling very strong sounding lovely;  has some subtle upgrades to make it a Classic with a slightly modern twist;  runs and rides exceptionally well and has a lovely feel on the road; frame was not refinished so has some touch ups here and there; really lovely useable machine with satin finish and virtually no chrome; it's a bit of a Celebrity in own right too                5,995

BSA B50SS for sale;

1971; Matching Numbers; very original and smart looking machine that runs and rides well; clearly it isn't mint with various chips and marks that have mostly been touched in; the tank is a slightly different shade of red but isn't obvious; recent new Carburettor, Chain & Sprockets, Front Brake Shoes, Stainless Rims & Spokes, extended front brake levers, seperate oil filter, PES Clutch Pressure Plate and Sump Plate; Boyer Ignition; Speedo works but reads pretty exactly half of the actual road speed         6,195

BSA B40 for sale;

1962; looks to be genuinely unrestored and original; beautifully patinated but certainly not scruffy although the Jones Rims are a little pitted as is some of the chrome on the fuel tank; there are chips and marks around that have been touched up (nasty scratches at the bottom of the front mudguard on the offside) we're pretty certain that it is still in first paint; you can just see the remians of the gold pinstriping on the tank; starts very easily and has a very willing, sweet engine; runs and rides exceptionally well with everything working without fault; ticks over like a clock probably due to the brand new carburettor; it has clealry been very well loved for much of its life to have survived so well; must be very rare in this condition today, very sweet example                        2,995

BSA Rocket 3 for sale;

1971; Matching Numbers; 5 Speed Gearbox Conversion; fully restored to a high standard some years and around 2,000 miles ago and still very smart indeed; looks very correct and sounds fabulous         12,500

BSA B31 Plunger for sale;

1952; transferable registration; older high quality restoration and still extremely smart but certainly not Mint in that it does have the odd small pit in the chrome and chips in the paint here and there; the chrome is also slightly dull on the exhaust; the speedo works but is a bit eratic although this was improving on my test ride so is probably due to lack of recent use; looks very correct; running and riding extremely well with a lovely mechanically quiet engine etc, even the brakes work!; a really lovely example                3,995

BSA DBD34 Gold Star for sale;

1960; Electric Starter fitted; in full Clubman Trim including GP Carb; RRT2 gearbox; Clip-ons and flanged alloy rims; Club Certificate confirms that the Frame & Engine numbers correspond with the factory records as being original to each other being supplied to J Avery of Oxford on the 7th March 1960; this machine had its engine etc fully rebuilt by Phil Pearson and the rolling chassis etc by Phils' friend John Edwards ten years but only 400 miles ago; the timing side crankcase half was found to be damaged albeit repairable when stripped by Phil but it was decided that a good B31 crankcase half should be used in preference to repairing the original although the original comes with the machine; Pearson Electric Start, Clutch and TLS front brake; stunning example throughout; previously supplied by ourselves                SOLD

BSA A10 Gold Flash for sale;

1961; Maroon & Chrome; Transferable Registration; very nicely restored in the not too distant past and still looking really lovely; engine overhauled very recently and sounding extremely sweet; the machine runs and rides really well in that I couldn't fault it with the exception of the squeaky rear brake and it is currently not charging; the frame number on the machine matches the number on the V5c but is not a BSA original stamping hence low price        SOLD


Gilera Classic Motorcycles For sale

Gilera 50cc Trials Sports Moped for sale

1974; V5c; this machine is pre-the 30mph restriction legislation so will go faster especially with the Touring model smaller rear sprocket  which is probably a good thing on modern roads; older restoration; very correct looking little machine with the working pedal start etc; still very tidy but no longer Concours as it does have the odd little chip and mark here and there; starts easily; runs and rides very well;             SOLD


Honda Classic Motorcycles For Sale

Honda CB400 Four F2 for sale;

1978; UK supplied machine; 8,000 miles recorded and almost certainly genuine with lots of old MOT's etc to back it up as well as the condition; Toolkit, Handbook and spare keys; clearly pretty much completely original and unrestored, in superb condition bearing that in mind; I'm struggling to find any Pattern parts on it including the exhaust which is genuine Honda; paint on the engine has flaked in places and there is some light pitting on the chrome by far the worst being the chainguard;  runs beautifully; clearly been cosseted all of its life; had a fair bit of re-commissioning work in recent times; lovely example throughout             4,995       


Norton Classic Motorcycles For Sale             

Norton 99 Dominator (Slimline) for sale;

1960; Matching Numbers; original registration; original Buff Log Book; very recent top end rebuild with new Hepolite pistons; really lovely machine throughout that runs and rides exceptionally well; previously supplied by ourselves         7,150

Norton Commando 850 Mk3 Roadster for sale;

1975; Matching Numbers; fully professionally restored to a high standard by an extremely competent restorer well known to us around 3,000 miles ago which is very well documented with paperwork and photos; upgraded working electric starter; superb example throughout and one of the nicest you will find; single Mk2 Concentric Carb        11,500

Norton 750 Commando Roadster Low Rider for sale;

Electric Starter; built with all new parts by Norvil in 2010 and road registered with a V5c in 2011 on an '11' plate; 6,500 miles since build; lowered Forks & Shocks; single carb, high level exhausts, Corbin Gunfighter saddle but original carbs, exhausts and seat are with it so could be changed back easily; looks, runs and rides like a nearly new machine; low seat height and electric start and single carb make this machine extremely easy to live with; rides beautifully and is is superb order thoughout; this machine really is a nearly new Classic Norton            13,500

Norton Commando 961SE for sale;

2013; Number 136 of the original 200 Special Edition models built with lots of Carbon Fibre (including wheels) and other 'trick' bits; signed on the tail fairing by Stuart Garner himself and the Norton Race Winning Rider (whose name escapes me just now) on the other side; these original ones have to be a future Classic especially now!; 700 miles and serviced twice (first time at Norton Works) in that time; intermediate silencers fitted that look standard but are slightly louder, originals available; Book Pack, 2 Keys and Invoices; dry use only; truly superb throughout; previously supplied by ourselves            12,995


Royal Enfield Classic Motorcycles For Sale

Royal Enfield Constellation Airflow for sale

1961; Airflow Model with correct fairing, mudguard and chainguard; very advanced design for its period with the wind tunnel designed fairing; very correct looking machine still with its Twin Carbs & 150mph speedo which may well be original showing 32,500 miles; electronic ignition fitted; recent new brake shoes; this machine apparently runs and rides very well; Venture Classics are not selling this machine as it belongs to a customer/friend so you will be buying it from him and need to contact him directly. It is based near Taunton in Somerset; please call Paul Brand on 01823 666646 to discuss it further                4,850


Triumph Classic Motorcycles For Sale  

Triumph TR6 Trophy for sale

1957; Matching Numbers; older high quality restoration by a very experienced restorer but still very msart cosmetically and excellent mechanically; Starts easily; runs and rides very well indeed; non standard oil pressure guage fitted            9,995

Triumph TRW for sale;

Road Registered in 1970 so clearly de-mobbed then; Magneto ignition; Concentric Carb fitted (original is with it) and geared up to make it a lovely road machine (these two mods are very well worth doing as it transforms them; starts very easily; runs and rides really well; some crude repair work has previously been carried out on the leading eldge of the tank by the headstock otherwise perfectly presntable and a very sweet little machine that is a joy to ride; previously supplied by ourselves                6,000

Triumph Tiger 80 Replica for sale;

originally a 1944 3HW but has been completely and very well converted to full Tiger 80 spec including a genuine Tiger 80 Chrome tank; looks fabulous and rides extremely well; speedometer works but the odometer doesn't hence the reading of 53 miles; it has done more but we don'tknow how much;             9,750

Triumph Tiger 100 for sale;Triumph Tiger 100 for sale;

1939 model; Silver & Chrome; just had a full professional restoration carried out to a high standard by a Triumph specialist; will require running in etc; very correct looking machine; very lovely                    24,2500


Triumph 'Harris' Bonneville for sale;

1987; Matching Numbers; 15,000 miles from new; extremely original including exhaust, Mk1.5 Concentrics etc; certainly not mint as its unrestored but perfectly presentable; chrome in rims is pitted and there are various chips and marks that have mostly been touched in; runs and rides very well indeed with a mechanically quite engine but the pushrod tubes do leak a little; previously supplied by ourselves            5,500

Triumph Tiger 100C for sale;

1968; Matching Numbers; recently imported and not yet UK Registered but NOVA & VMCC Dating letters are present for easy registration; the last mature owner is a regular customer of ours and he has overhauled the mechanical side of the machine to make it a good useable motocycle but has so far left the cosmetics; it is perfectly presentable and therefore leaves the option of a really nice good value 1960's Triumph 500 that is good mechanically although clearly it hasn't been properly tested on the road as yet; it is currently fitted with standard a low level Roadster exhaust and is painted in the 1970 TR6 colour scheme but does still have its original folding footpegs etc; the engine has had the head fully rebuilt, rebored with new +20 pistons fitted; new alternator stator, Primary Chain, electronic ignition, Regulator, Wiring loom, Wheel Bearings and fluids changed; it starts easily and runs beautifully and sounds really nice                                SOLD

Triumph TR5 Trophy for sale;  

1951; Matching Numbers; old restoration but still a very smart example that runs and rides really well;Dunlop Chrome Rims; previously supplied by ourselves                         SOLD

Triumph TR6P (Saint)Triumph TR6P (Saint) for sale;

1968; Matching Numbers; originally supplied to the Isle of Man Constabulary in Black with Leg Shields, was apparently later fitted with an Avon Full Fairing and then subsequently swapped back before returning to the mainland; the legshields, Police Saddle, Craven Panniers (no fittings) and Full Avon Fairing (with relevant fittings) are with the machine but not fitted; Lots of History including the original Card I.O.M. Log Book, period photos; magazine features of the machine; Full SRM Engine rebuild at a cost of 4,000 with bills included in the file; looks to be very original and therefore a little scruffy in places but mechanically really lovely; Dunlop Rims although rear is fairly well pitted but he front is good although not perfect; ideal to ride as is or restore to Concours either in Police trim or Civilian spec;very discreet Indicators with sequential LED's (like modern Audi cars) fittedd         SOLD


Velocette Motorcycles  For Sale

Velocette KTS for sale;

1937; original engine, frame & registration; supplied to Stevens on 6th July 1937; lots of history including a Buff Log Book from 1957 and many old MOT's going back to 1961; very correct looking machine and nice to see one still in 'KTS' trim and not converted to 'KSS' look; nicely sorted; runs and rides very well indeed; I have ridden it around a bit and really loved it;  really smart but not Concours cosmetically as it has been used a fair bit since being restored some years ago; some parts of the paintwork appear to have been brush painted but this is not imediately obvious as it has been very well done; previously supplied by ourselves            11,750

Velocette Thruxton for sale

1967; very correct with Dunlop Alloys etc but fitted with 1000 series Concentric instead of GP therefore starts easily, runs really well and ticks over too; multiple Show Prize Winner but make no mistake, this machine has been ridden and is sorted not just used as an 'ornament' unlike so many Thruxton's today; superb example throughout, in fact the photos do not really favour the bike, in our opinion  it looks better in the 'flesh' so we'll take some more shortly; standard gear lever is with it; coming from an excellent source who is well known in Velocette circles            23,995

Velocette Venom Thruxton (Seymour Production Racer) for sale;Velocette Venom Thruxton (Seymour Production Racer) for sale;

Fully Road Registered with current V5c albeit not until 1979 when Seymour stopped racing it; one of two machines purchased by Ralph Seymour from Matt Holder, the then new owner of the Velocette Company and then fully prepared for Racing in the 1975 Production TT including Fath Head Conversion, lightened valve gear, rocker return springs, Wader Magneto, 10.6 to 1 Compression (now standard Thruxton compression ratio) and the entire engine was Blueprinted, it would apparently rev to 7,200 rpm at the time; it is recorded that Fred Whalton & Danny Shimmin rode the machine in the 1976 Production TT and achieved the 3rd fastest lap at 93.5 mph not bad at all bearing in mind that the competition featured mainly modern multicylinder machines; featured with a double page picture in Ivan Rhodes book; basically unrestored so has the odd 'battle scar' here abdthere; lots of History/Provenance and period photos; owned by Ray Thurston 'Thruxton Registrar' for 27 years; this is a very rare opportunity to purchase a very special Velocette Thruxton; previously owned/used and supplied by ourselves            27,750

Velocette Valiant for sale;

1957; featured in the January 2020 issue of Real Classics Magazine; older restoration; presentable cosmetic order; has been a part of a prominant Velocette Collection for many years being unused for around 23 years; it is now running well and in a condition where it can be ridden but it will require some further work to make it fully functioning although we believe the work required to be relatively minor such as the speedometer is not currenlty working; it does however charge, the electrics work fine including the charging, the engine is willing and sounds sweet, the gear box works fine etc             SOLD

Velocette GTP for sale;

1939; extremely pretty and correct looking machine; recently fettled and sorted including having the speedometer refurbished hence the reading of 1 mile; starts easily and runs very well indeed; it has been part of a very well known and respected Velocette Collection for the last 14 years         SOLD

Velocette Thruxton;

1972; Black; one of the machines built by the Aerco, Jig & Tool Works after the demise of Hall Green and subsequently sent to L Stevens of Goldhawk for Reg Orpin to assess and then sold by L Stevens; the engine, frame & gearbox numbers tie up with the Thruxton Registrar records and the machine has been recorded on the Register since the 1980's; it is a well known machine; it has been completely restored by Tony Mortimer in recent years and has seen little use since; most all original parts were re-used; superb example of one of the well documented post Hall Green Thruxtons; 1000 Series Concentric fitted and Dunlop Alloy Rims; previously supplied by ourselves                             SOLD


Vincent Motorcycles For Sale

Vincent Shadow / Rapide for sale;

1951; engine & UFM numbers correctly 1900 apart but we believe that the stampings are not the original Factory ones; we believe the crankcases are 1970's Holder manufacture;  this machine has been completely 'Shadowised' with 5 inch speedo, new correct Carbs, finned brake drums, Hills Centre Stand fitted; this machine was apparently restored and assembled some years ago and subsequently left unused but has recently been commissioned including the carbs, Magneto & dynamo rebuild etc; we are advised that whilst it runs and rides perfectly well, it will almost certainly require some fettling to be fully sorted; we are also advised that the engine was rebuilt by Bob Dunn although there is no evidence of this in the paperwork, it does however sound good and pulls well; certainly no Show winner but perfectly presentable and correct looking in fact this machine will give you the 'Black Shadow' experience at a fraction of the cost; with some further sorting, it will make an excellent 'Riders' Vincent and is priced accordingly at                 36,000







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