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We are always looking to Buy Classic Bikes similar to those listed below For Sale and in our Archive. We have Cash waiting for the right machine and are also happy to assist you with the disposal of your Classic Motorcycle on a Sale or Return basis if preferred.

They do not need to be Mint or Show condition but must be genuine honest Motorcycles. If you have a machine that you are considering selling, please give us a try for a discreet, no hassle transaction.


Please click on the Thumbnails to view larger images of the Classic Motorcycles For Sale

'HELD' Means that the machines sale is agreed but it is not yet fully paid for and/or delivered

Viewings Strictly by Appointment only please.

If you require more photos or information either:-

Telephone:- 01531 671134 or  07748 114339   or email:


Classic Bikes / Motorcycles For Sale that are Arriving into Stock Shortly

Vincent Series B Rapide; 1947; Matching engine and RFM (1900 apart); matching crankcase halves; UFM has been changed at some point in time for a correct period item; Bramptons fitted; Black Shadow Clock; Hills Centre Stand; original carburettors and magneto have just been refurbished; formerly owned by David Bowen (former senior engineer at Vincents) then passed to his brother from whom the last owner bought the bike; comprehensively restored some years but only 500 miles ago; really lovely example

BMW R90S; 1974; Smoke Grey; early Kick Start and Electric Start model; Twin Plug Head; gearchange mod carried out; really lovely example throughout; previously supplied by ourselves

Triumph T20 Tiger Cub; Red & Silver; 1964; Matching Numbers; lovely original 5 digit registration; very well documented history; superb and well sorted example; previously supplied by ourselves

Laverda 750SF; 1971; high quality restoration some years ago but predominantly dry stored since so still in superb condition; the machine/restoration is magazine featured; previously supplied by ourselves

Norton 99 Dominator; 1960; Matching Numbers; original registration; really lovely machine both cosmetically and mechanically; previously supplied by ourselves

Royal Enfield 500cc 4.88hp; 1928; much recent expenditure; now running very well; rare machine being a 500cc

Velocette Venom Clubman; 1967; genuine Clubman with electric starter fitted; literally just had the engine rebuilt with brand new flywheels, big end (both from Alpha), main bearings, valves etc; very nice example throughout

Triumph Tiger 110; 1961; Matching Numbers; Kingfisher Blue & Silver; older restoration; recent top end overhaul including rebore, pistons, valves & guides


Current Stock of Classic Motorcycles / Bikes For Sale. 

We have predominantly Classic British Motorcycles For Sale but all types and make of Classic Bikes are catered for. Part exchanges are welcome.


 Ariel Motorcycles for Sale

Ariel Arrow for sale;

Red & Dove Grey; machine started life as a 200cc but is now a 250cc;  very well restored some time ago but still very nice; engine (not the original) just had overhaul including rebore and crankseals etc; runs and rides very well; previously supplied by oursleves.        £2,995


Benelli Motorcycles for sale


Benelli 750 Sei for sale;

1975; Mk1; UK supplied machine; extensive history file; original handbook and manual; extremely original; long term previous owner; starts straight away, electronic ignition although original kit is with it; runs beautifully and rides extremely well; sounds truly awesome and it has a real presence; fantastic and very rare machine; in my opinion much nicer to ride than the Honda CBX1000 although not anywhere near as fast; this is not a Concours example but then its not £20k plus either but it is very smart indeed; it looks as though the mileage of 26,000 is original and correct; it has had an engine rebuild; this is a lovely, honest and very rare machine; has to be a 'Blue Chip' investment and great to enjoy in the meantime            SOLD


Bridgestone Classic Motorcycles for Sale

Bridgestone 175 Hurricane for sale;

1968; apparently very original apart from the indicators; extremely well restored some time ago and still really lovely both cosmetically and mechanically; running and riding beautifully; very quick lightweight that is huge fun to ride; properly sorted           £4,350

Bridgestone 350 GTO for sale;

1970; mechanically really excellent but cosmetically showing its age with various chips and marks and some very light pitting on the rims; this machine does however run and ride exceptionally well with no known faults whatsoever; everything apepars to work including the 5th gear warning light (6 speed in total); there are some very useful and probably valuable spared with it including a tank, seat, recond autolube pump, mudguards with stays, recon points plate, pistons etc; it could easily be significantly improved with a bit of time and very little expenditure or a fantastic basis for a Concours restoration, perfectly useable as it is though; these really are very nice machines and the high pipe GTO appears to be quite rare today; currently on French registration but we do have the French Registration Document, NOVA Document and previous UK Registration details so getting it UK registered will be a formality; previously supplied by ourselves                SOLD


BMW Classic Motorcycles For Sale


BMW R50 for sale

1956; Matching Numbers; originally a UK supplied machine still wearing its original registration; obviously a high quality restoration some time ago which has survived very well because it still looks lovely apart from the rear mudguard where the paint finish does not match the quality of the rest of the machine there is however a genuine twin seat with it which if refitted would cover most of the poor paint on the mudguard; the machines starts extremely easily, has a very quiet engine and rides beautifully; these R50's are a very sweet and willing machine; everything works well including the neutral light; there is also a nice folding chrome carrier and the rear footrests with the machine; the mileage at 48k is quite possibly correct because there are a large number of MOT's going back to the 1980's to back it up; a very sweet and honest example                            £8,500

BMW R1100 RS (ex Special Escort Group - Princes of Wales Funeral Escort) for sale

1997; this machine was part of the first batch of R1100RS's supplied to the Metropolitan Police 'Special Escort Group'; the order was rushed through by BMW due to the sad untimely death of the Princess of Wales so that these machines could be used for her final 'Escort'; this particular machine was ridden on the nearside rear of the Hearse for the entire journey from London to Althorp House 20 years ago; we know the rider on the day who has confirmed that this was his machine and we have both video footage and numerous photographs of the day; we also have photos of him sat on it very recently; clearly it was also used for countless other Royal Escort duties whilst in service with the SEG; now in extremely original and still very good condition both cosmetically and mechanically; extensive re-commissioning work was carried out last year to include a major service, tyres etc and very limited use since; total mileage covered is 43,000; it still wears its original registration number 'R118SEG'; the Metropolitan Police kept and still own the funeral lead bike R121SEG which now forms part of their Historic Vehicle Fleet; a rare machine in that the SEG bikes differed in specification from the standard R1100RS's; a rare 'Survivor' yet very useable today'; the last photos show it in service in London and the funeral                 SOLD


BSA Motorcycles For Sale


BSA B40 350cc for sale;

1966; Original Transferable Registration; fully restored cosmetically some time ago and very recent full engine rebuild including new Alpha Big End; small fortune spent with bills etc; starts very easily; runs and rides extremely well; lovely example throughout; previously supplied by ourselves            £3,995


Indian Classic Motorcycles For Sale

Indian 741-B for sale;

1940; Matching Numbers; US Army Trim and  kitted out including de-activated (with Certificate) Thompson Machine Gun in correct leather holster, blank amunition, Dagger etc etc; properly sorted; runs and rides extremely well and is very easy to start; superb machine; last owner a prominent member of the British Royal Family;         SOLD


Norton Motorcycles For Sale

Norton 19S for sale;

1957; Matching Numbers; interesting original & transferable registration; very high quality and well documented restoration (totaling in excess of £7,000) with purely shake down mileage since so still superb throughout; almost certainly the best example available            £8,850

Norton 850 Mk3 Commando Interstate for sale;

1976; Matching Numbers; apart from flanged alloy rims and Peashooters it looks to be a very nice original machine with a working 4 Brush electric starter; starts easily on kick and electric start; runs and rides well; not mint but a very nice tidy late Commando; will be featured in a future issue of Real Classics Magazine                £8,500

Norton 30 International Clubmans for sale;

Polychromatic Grey; 1954 (bolt up featherbed frame); Matching Numbers; Original Registration; original Buff Log Book ( and Green Card Continuation Book) showing it was originally supplied to Reg Deardon who sponsored Dave Chadwick to race the machine; it competed in the 1954 I.O.M. Senior Clubmans TT finishing 7th and we have period photos of it being raced there; ownership was later passed on to Dave Chadwick and then to John Pennington; the original racing saddle as in its photos is with the machine; recently undergone a thorough restoration by Bill Graver of West Norfolk Motorcycles who in our opinion is one of, if not the best restorer in the UK; it was also sent to Stu Rogers prior to restoration to overhaul the engine and generally check it out; this is all very well documented; now restored to near Concours condition and in full road trim with lights etc; I know the handlebars are neither appropriate or pretty but they are comfortable and can easily be changed; still fitted with its Daytona first gearbox which makes it good to ride on the road as well; currently fitted with a new Monobloc Carb so that it ticks over etc but the original TT is with it; it ran very well with the TT so could easily be refitted if tickover is not a priority; superb example of an extremely rare machine (being a Clubman) with fantastic provenance; an 'Investors' dream but also faultless to ride which hopefully the new owner will do; previously supplied by ourselves.                £26,250

Norton 650SS for sale;

1962; Silver; Matching Numbers; original registration; lots of history; fastidious older restoration but still in really nice condition; starts easily; runs and rides very well; extremely original spec including mudguards, carbs etc                £9,650


Norton 30 Manx for sale;

1960 delivered new to Lawton & Wilson; Summerfield engine & Quaiffe 5 Speed gearbox rebuilt by George Cant to very high spec including Titanium Conrod , coil valve springs; Bore 86 Stroke 85.8; Twin plug head , 1 1/2 “ GP” Carb , Twin spark rotating magnet mag; Dyno'd  in January this year which showed Max Power at 42.12 HP and 35.27 ft-lbs of Torque; original Oldani front brake; Raced by George Cant (pictured in Classic Racer Magazine) and Jeff Boniface ex George Cant / Mike Braid bike and has recently been set-up by Stuart Tongue; great condition with many rare original parts (Ray Petty tank, ex Steve Lancefield rear brake from one of his own TT Machines, twin plug magneto and head)                        £29,500

Norton Rotary 'Supreme' Commander for sale;

1989; a rare machine indeed, believed to be one of seven; owned for the last 6 years by a real enthusiast so it is in really excellent order and fully sorted; original owner was the famous Racer Bob Heath also of Helmet and Visor fame who had it p[ainted in its current Livery which was his Racing colours; supplied to last owner by Richard Negus who carried out the rebuild including the engine which has been Mollied; Richard then used the bike for around 3 years before sale to the last owner; electric water pump and high output alternator are just a couple of the mods carried out to make this machine reliable; been used on various Continental Tours;             SOLD

Norton 750 Commando Roadster for sale;

Metallic Purple; 1971; Matching Numbers; really lovely and very correct example; starts easily, runs and rides very well; good hsitory file; Vernier Isolastics; older restoration but still really lovely although not Concours                   SOLD

Norton 750 Commando Roadster for sale;

Metal Flake Blue; 1971; Matching Numbers; featured on this machine in Classic Bike Magazine July 2012 issue detailing it restoration etc; Steel Tank; good history file; Vernier Isolastics; extremely well restored at huge expense and still in superb order throughout; it shoulkd be noted that this machine does not have a Centre Stand but the lugs are still present so one could be fitted            SOLD


Royal Enfield Classic Motorcycles For Sale

Royal Enfield Super Meteor for sale;

1960; presentable cosmetic condition and generally sound; MOT'd until May 2018; running and riding pretty well but does require some more work so will be sold as a running, rideable project only because we don't have the time (nor inclination to be honest) to deal with it               £3,750


Rudge Motorcycles For Sale

Rudge Ulster for sale;

1939; rare Alloy Head which as I understand it was for 1939 only; starts very easily; runs and rides well with everything (apart from the time clock which is purely decorative) working as it should including the charging and linked brakes; lovely machine both cosmetically and mechanically; recently changed hands for substantially more than the asking price of                 £16,000


Rudge 500cc TT Replica for sale;

1933; all original numbers including registration; three (including the original) Buff Log Books and current V5c; this machine has been in the possesion for the last 56 years of John Clayton who has sadly now left us; John was a long time President of the Rudge Club as well as the Machine Registrar; this machine was his main daily transport after he restored it in 1961 for 28 years and it was used for commuting as well as trips to the I.O.M. etc; it has been lovingly maintained since but not restored again so it now shows fabulous Patina; we made a concious decision not fully detail clean this machine because we did not want to spoil its patina and look; it is featured on the front cover of 'The Family of Rudge' book by Reinhard Schwartz also in the Rudge Club Magazine where it is listed as Machine Number "1"; lovely period photos are also on file; starts very easily as all good Rudges do and rides exceptionally well; in fact, I would go as far as to say it is probably the very best pre-War Machine I have ridden, the engine is very quiet mechanically and extremely willing, the gearbox is just sublime it is so slick; clutch and brakes work perfectly; this is a very special and extremely well known example of this highly desireable model, we are very priviledged to be able offer it for sale today; it is a unique opportunity for a serious Rudge Enthusiast; the last but one photo shows the machine as used by John Clayton. The non standard parts have been removed carefully and are boxed to go with the machine when sold if the buyer wishes to have them         SOLD


Sunbeam Classic Motorcycles for sale

Sunbeam Model 90 for sale;

1932; Model 90 engine & frame numbers as confirmed by the Marston Sunbeam Register; Road Registered with a current V5c; 4 speed hand change gearbox; long term restoration which is now complete but the machine will probably require some fettling; starts easily; runs and rides well; strong and willing engine; gears work as they should as does the clutch and the brakes; very pretty bike but not Concours                                         SOLD 


Triumph Classic Motorcycles For Sale  

Triumph Tiger 110 for sale;

1959; Matching Numbers; Black & Ivory; this was clearly a very original machine when it was restored to a very high standard some years ago; it has clearly been used extensively since and as a result is showing signs of age and use; there is also some battery acid staining on the offside exhaust; still running and riding extremely well with everything working as it should; very recent new tyres fitted; this a very honest example of these lovely machines that in my opinion are superior to ride and half the price of the Tangerine T120 which are identical apart from the colour and twin carb head                £7,995

Triumph TRW for sale

1952 frame with a 1953 engine; extremely sweet runner and riding very well indeed; this is a very sweet little machine to ride, it thoroughly impressed me on my 15 or so mile road test, lovely; runs very well with the Concentric Carb but the original Solex is with it; Alternator Stator has been removed but is with it so the lights are currently total loss but with the exception of the charging system all of th electrics work as they should; nice easy to manage lightweight which has a decent turn of speed; it feels as though it may have been geared up a bit as it cruises very happily at 50 to 60mph            £5,250

Triumph Harris T140 Bonneville for sale;

1987; Black & Red; Matching Numbers; ex Frank Westworth; extremely original including now very rare exhausts (which are in very good shape) etc; starts really easily with its correct Mk1.5 Concentrics, runs and rides extremely well, the engine is increadibly sweet and mechanically very quiet for a Triumph; it is clearly unrestored and therefore showing its age in places in that the rims are pitted, the fork sliders really could do with stripping and polishing or repainting black, the seat cover has a few cracks and it generally has age related marks etc; it is however a very original and honest Harris Bonneville that is lovely to ride; price reflects the cosmetics at                 £5,350

Triumph T120R Bonneville for sale;

1962; Sky Blue & Silver; Buff Log Book; UK supplied Machine but supplied as export 'R'spec (and yes, it is a fact that some originally UK supplied machines were 'R' stamped and Export spec); original registration and Matching Numbers; previous owner from 1981 to 2016; Sales Receipt from 1981; extensively restored some years ago by a Triumph Specialist all of which is extremely well documented; under 700 miles since; lovely; previously supplied by ourselves                    £14,500



Triumph TR6C Trophy for sale;

1970; Matching Numbers; rare genuine TR6 Competition with Club Certificate; comprehensive professional restoration carried out 1,500 miles ago by a well known and respected restorer with Invoices and photo record; this machine not only looks superb, it is fabulous to ride; OK, it's not the original colour for 1970 but it does look so much nicer than the original Green; fitted with high visibility adjustable LED light on the front mudguard but this can easily be removed without leaving any holes in the mudguard due to a clever bracket that was made for the job but it is really bright and great if you want to be seen                            £12,500

Triumph TR6R Trophy for sale;

1970; Matching Numbers; full restoration just completed including Dream Machine Paint; rebuilt clocks, wheels, tyres, chains, engine (including Re-Bore & Pistons; new bearings, valves & guides, sludge trap cleaned etc; the bike came to us as an unfinished project having had the paintwork, clocks and seat done; it was a very original example as can be seen on a pre-restoration photo; it was our intention to make the bike really excellent mechanically and smart cosmetically using as many of the original parts as reasonably possible including the original Dunlop front rim with its original chrome therefore it was never intended to be a flawless Concours job and probably more like the origin al factory finish; the engine builder can do these machines with his eyes shut he knows them so well therefore it runs and rides beautifully;  US Title Document and NOVA Certificated so UK Registration a formality; overall the cost of getting the bike to how it is now was significantly greater than the asking price of                HELD

Triumph T120R Bonneville for sale;

1968; Matching Numbers; Hifi Scarlet & Silver; very correct looking machine that is in excellent order, clearly recently restored to a high standard.                SOLD

Triumph TR65 Thunderbird for sale;

1983; Matching Numbers; extensively restored some years ago but still in excellent order throughout; there is some pitting on the front rim, the paint on top of the tank has some light crazing and there are a few marks etc most of which have been touched up; mechanically the bike is in excellent order, it starts easily, runs and rides extremely well; recent new tyres & battery; these TR65's (650cc) really are very sweet machines often referred to as being superior to ride than the bigger 750cc siblings; last owner is Frank Westworth therefore it was featured in Real Classics Magazine April 2013 issue; rare bike today         SOLD


Velocette Motorcycles  For Sale

Velocette MSS for sale;

1963; original transferable registration; believed to originale ngine & frame; restored to a high standard some years ago; engine just had a full rebuild by a skilled engineer who understands and is knowledgeable about Velocette's; this machine is still very smart and in excellent mechanical order; rare late MSS still with its engine enclosures fitted; previously supplied by ourselves            SOLD


 Vincent Motorcycles For Sale

Vincent Black Prince for sale;

1955; original registration; all matching numbers including Mating Numbers, RFM & UFM and engine 1900 apart as they should be;  excellent provenance; Buff Card Log Book; 3 owners since 1963; starts easily; runs and rides very well, engine is mechanically quiet; rides well with everything working as it should; very correct and smart example of this exceptionally rare and special machine; nice with the panniers too;                    £112,500

Vincent Rapide Series C for sale;

1950; Matching Numbers; copy of Factory Works order form; fully restored in 1996 and engine rebuild in 2011 which included new Pistons/Liners, Big Ends, Valves/ Guides etc; extensive History file; twin clocks; manual magneto; Lightning front brakes; Hills Centre Stand, 7 inch headlight, Alton Alternator, indicators  other wise very correct looking and smart machine; starts easily, runs and rides extremely well with no known mechanical faults; recently had the magneto rebuilt, a new Vincent Clutch and Carburettors fitted            SOLD






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